‘Crossing boundaries’ between the sciences and the arts has always been important to me, as both a fiction-writer and former scientist. Some of the posts in this blog are from times when I had a foot each side of the (fuzzy) divide:  information and reviews about my novels; extracts from my novels; short fiction; pieces that are fictionalised fact; and non-fiction.

The blog’s title, Eliot and entropy, is a line from Edwin Morgan’s poem Pleasures of a Technological University, where he juxtaposes scientific and literary terms on each line.

Ann Lingard

Twitter: @solwaywalker

(I also write and blog about the Solway Firth – people, geology, history, shore-walking – anything that catches my interest, at Solway Shore Stories and Solway Shore-walker

The header image, ‘Roots of Rhythm, is part of a silk hanging made by Karen Kamenetzky who specialises in embroidery and quilting on biological themes; my grateful thanks to her for allowing me to use one of her beautiful images.


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