‘Crossing boundaries’ between the sciences and the arts has always been important to me, as both a fiction-writer and former scientist. Many of the posts in this blog are from times when I have had a foot each side of the (wavering) divide; they include short fiction, extracts from my novels, pieces that are fictionalised fact, and non-fiction.

The blog’s title, Eliot and entropy, is a line from Edwin Morgan’s poem Pleasures of a Technological University, where he juxtaposes scientific and literary terms on each line. (I would have liked to have chosen ‘ergs and Bacon’, except ‘ergs’ is too reminiscent of that instrument of torture used in rowers’ training, and WordPress wouldn’t allow the upper case for Bacon.)


Ann Lingard http://www.annlingard.com

(The header image, ‘Cultivating Connection‘, is of part of a silk hanging made by Karen Kamenetzky who specialises in embroidery and quilting on biological themes; my grateful thanks to her for allowing me to use this image.)


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