Introduction to ‘Ruth Kowslowski’s blogs

These five blog-posts by ‘Ruth Kowslowski’ are extracts from my novel The Embalmer’s Book of Recipes.

Just to reassure you, the novel is not ‘about’ embalming – the word is used as a metaphor for the many different ways in which we preserve our memories and ideas. Ruth is a taxidermist who lives in the northern Lake District in England – she is one of the three main characters. The others are Madeleine, a sheep-farmer (whose barn Ruth rents as a workshop), and Lisa (a mathematician and university academic from Liverpool). The paths of their lives, their loves, their interests, cross and interact.

Ruth’s blogs, placed at various stages in the narrative, contain clues to what might (or might not) have happened in the past.

There is more about the novel here: how to buy it (paperback or ebooks), reviews, illustrated sections on the Anatomists, patterns, achondroplasia, foot-and-mouth disease, taxidermy, some videos relating to ‘Lisa’, links to other extracts…