Weaving: a gallery

‘Weaving it all together’.

Rugs, cushion covers, wall-hangings: here is a gallery of some of the weaving I have done over the years, on a peg-loom or a circular loom. I use fleece from our own sheep (Wensleydale, Portland, Herdwick of various ages – young sheep are blackish-brown, older sheep varying shades of grey – and Hebridean) and fleece given me by friends or bought at Cockermouth’s annual WoolFest (white or caramel-coloured Blue-faced Leicester, Castlemilk Moorit, Corriedale, Icelandic, Jacob, Ryland, Swaledale, White-faced Woodland, Welsh Black, Zwartbles).

shorn sheep june14 001


All fleeces are washed and carded, and woven or felted in their natural colour or with dyed Merino. Some rugs have panels of ‘hookie’ or have felted flowers, or are trimmed with materials such as sari silk or woven wool; sometimes the felted wool or strips cut from woolly jumpers are ‘quilled’ to make different shapes.


A few rugs and wall-hangings are also inspired by the Solway Firth – its Mosses (raised mires), the pebbles (or even the coloured slag) on the shores, the Moon-jellyfish that get cast up at certain times of year.


I make to order, or as the mood takes me, and sell privately and through Percy House Gallery in Cockermouth. You can contact me here or through Percy House.

Rectangular Herdwick rugs

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Various circular rugs


Rectangular rugs using other breeds

Cushion-covers, wall-hangings, and miscellaneous

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